Welcome to Trigon Research!

This blog aims to publish thought-provoking posts week by week for researchers, students of program evaluation, and anyone who has an interest in research design issues and qualitative or quantitative research methods. This blog will give place to publish brief literature reviews, to join current theoretical or methodological debates of the evaluation sector, and to share reflections related to different practical issues.

Nowadays, that evaluators and others in the development field have recognized, that applying multiple methods within one evaluation project can result in more valid and grounded results, there is an increasing demand for mixed methods evaluation also from the founding bodies’/clients’ side. Participative research methods became also a ‘buzz-word’, and it is a growing trend to involve subjects of the research as partners in the process of inquiry and to respect and value their knowledge and capabilities. The growing expectations towards evaluation practices challenge us, researchers to extend our knowledge continuously and keep up with the new technologies as well as with the wide range of guidelines and standards that address issues like quality and ethics. It is my hope that this blog will give structured information, new ideas, or even some exciting readings to students, individuals who provide research services, policymakers, program founders, and business decision-makers who will implement the results of the research studies.

Although this is a scientific blog with mainly research methodological topics, it is intentional that instead of giving in-depth analysis of a topic, I will stick to short and easy-to-understand posts and remain a ‘coffee break blog’. Enjoy!