At Trigon, we are passionate about strategic leadership, organizational development, and knowledge sharing. We give evidence to decision-makers to steer positive change.

Management consulting

Trigon helps organizations to accomplish goals or recognize problems by applying scientifically sound methods and procedures. Based on in-depth analyses, we propose powerful tools to improve the organizational design, the processes, or the leadership practices. Our greatest strength is, that we provide personalized advisory instead of one-fit-for-all solutions.

Services include:

  • organizational development
  • refining leadership, employee engagement, people management 
  • staff development, organizational learning
  • change management


Trigon gathers and organizes data, interprets information to understand, explain or make improvements. An assignment usually starts with asking questions, which are followed by background research, hypothesis construction, and systematic data collection. After throughout analysis of qualitative and/or quantitative data, we interpret the results and make recommendations. 

Our greatest strengths are participatory research methods and mixed-methods designs.

Services include:

  • market research: giving on-demand input  to support product development, sales strategy, employee branding, talent acquisition, etc.
  • exploratory research: gaining deeper insights related to former (quantitative) research results
  • testing, validating, diagnosing- obtaining objective, and scientifically proven information

Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring is a regular and systematic collection of qualitative and quantitative data to help decision-making and learning processes. Evaluation is about objective assessment of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, and sustainability of a program or intervention. Monitoring and Evaluation are particularly important when it is about intended or unintended outcomes and further budget spending. 

We are ready to carry out the selected approach based on scientific methodologies and professional standards to ensure a high level of precision and reliability. Our greatest strength is, that we deliver accurate and reliable results due to our rigorous methodological foundations.

Services include:

  • development of personalized evaluation methodology
  • designing measurement procedures, identifying KPIs/OKRs
  • data collection & fieldwork
  • analysis & development
  • reporting & consulting
  • practical recommendations for monitoring and capacity development

Knowledge sharing

Trigon is committed to educating the new generation of managers, business consultants, and sociologists, and to promoting advocacy efforts related to topics like circular economy, sustainability, or cross-cutting issues like equitability.  Our greatest strength is our dedication.

Services include:

  • facilitating roundtables, workshops
  • moderating conferences
  • holding seminars, webinars
  • journalism, publication editing, writing, interviewing, podcasting, and blogging