Taking notice of the invisible

Trigon is a research and consultancy firm that turns your ambiguous problem into data-driven, well-articulated actions

What do we do?

  • Trigon collects and analyzes data systematically, and converts the research results into actionable insights.

  • Trigon combines research skills with communication and business experience to offer cost-efficient, reliable, and valid deliverables.

  • Methodological triangulation makes it possible to achieve high level of credibility, reliability and validity.

  • Our collaborative team works for corporate and non-profit organization clients to support evidence-based decision-making in several areas from policymaking to innovation.

Multi-ethnic team of talented white collar workers gathered together at marker board while having joint project discussion at spacious open plan office, focus on foreground


Trigon Research is a politically and economically independent consultancy company, engaged in research, education and innovation. To provide practical recommendations, Trigon co-operates with subject-matter experts in different fields like communication or digital technology. The company has lively connections to higher education and scientific organizations.


At Trigon, we are passionate about strategic leadership, organizational development, and knowledge sharing. We give evidence to decision-makers to steer positive change. 

Research and consultancy

Our projects are usually initiated by executives who want to make evidence-based decisions, and use solid proof instead of guessing if it is about performance, impact, effectiveness, efficiency or engagement. Applying mixed methods design in such cases can be especially beneficial. However, a throughout analysis is usually only the first step. The results have to be utilized in form of actionable recommendations tailor-made for the organization. Based on in-depth analyses, we propose powerful tools to improve the organizational design, the processes, or the leadership practices. 


Dr. habil. Gábor Király

„I have had a professional relationship with Ildikó for nearly ten years now. I met her first as a professor in the doctoral school, then I became her tutor- although only for a short period because she earned her Ph.D. degree at a record pace. In the last few years, we already planned research and educational processes together. Whatever she does has very high quality. Quick, agile and reliable, who understands and considers professional feedbacks. A colleague, whom you can always rely on.”

Dr. habil. Gábor Király
Sociologist, Professor at Budapest Business School,
Scientific Director of the Future of Higher Education Research Centre
Árpád Szendrei

"Ildikó’s thorough and competent analysis of Cofidis Hungary’s internal communication was a great support in jointly unveiling the deficiencies and shortcomings of our practices, and in determining a strategy that can help us to move forward efficiently and professionally."

Árpád Szendrei
Head of HR and Legal Department, Cofidis Hungary

"As a teacher, Ildikó has been always reliable, absolutely prepared and dedicated to the satisfaction of her students. She is innovative, conscientious and proactive. Completing challenging tasks is an extra motivation for her. She is committed to providing up-to-date, coherent and applicable knowledge for the new generation of sociologists."

Prof. Dr. Zoltán Oszkár Szántó
Vice-Rector and Vice-President for International Relations and Accreditations, Corvinus University of Budapest; Head of Corvinus Institute for Advanced Studies

"Ildiko is sharp and clever and can quickly master new fields of expertise and propose innovative ideas to address those topics. She is very enthusiastic and always ready to help."

Emmanuelle Causse
Secretary General, International Union of Property Owners